Sony Reveals God of War: Ascension

A new God of War game has been rumored ever since the last game hit store shelves. While it seemed as if Kratos' story was all wrapped up with a nice little bow, Sony and Santa Monica Studios aren't done sending our favorite Spartan to the realm of Hades and back just yet.

Worried that he'll have no one left to kill, with most of the Greek Gods already dead at his hands? Fear not, because the publisher and developer have found a way around that, in the form of a prequel (or at least some sort of time traveling element).

Earlier today, box art for "God of War: Ascension" was discovered on NeoGaf, and it wasn't long before Sony released an official teaser trailer for the game. Little is known about the game, or can be deciphered from the CG trailer, but it seems as if it will finally tell Kratos' origin story in full detail, from the sodered blades to the blood streaks on his ghostly white skin.

Here's the trailer:

It'll be interesting to see how Santa Monica gets around stripping away powers and abilities from a player, which is inevitable when you're working with a prequel (especially when your main character becomes a more and more powerful God as the series moves along), but I'm sure that whatever they come up with will be awesome. For all we know, they could be preparing something completely different than what we've become used to with God of War.

We'll have to wait and see, because God of War: Ascension has no release date or game footage just yet. But the game director, Todd Papy, revealed on the Playstation Blog that more info will be revealed in a live stream on Monday, April 30 at 11AM EST / 8 AM PST, so stay tuned to BWP for all the info.

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Tylerr Rietze's picture

I'm actually quite disappointed that it's gonna be a prequel. I hope it's some sort of time-travelling element that relates to the end of God of War 3. Athena alludes to the fact that she's not alone in her sort of godhood, let's try to kill them instead lol I mean, they have an easy way of explaining how he doesn't have abilities this time around due to the end of GoW3. I'm just hoping now that they have some plan for GoW4 that will be set up by this one.

George Prax's picture

We'll see... obviously we have no info to go on. For instance they could just take his powers away and he has to travel back to redeem himself to the time before he got them or something. I'm just happy for more God of War. The true GOW series Wink