New Gears of War Game Teased by Game Informer

Likely desperate for existing exclusive franchises, it looks as if Microsoft has sped up the development of the next game in Gears of War.

Today, Game Informer revealed the cover for their July (or August, they seem confused about that) edition. Well, sort of. Promising full details to come at Monday's E3 conference for Microsoft (read our preview here), GI showed off a darkened version of the cover of a mysterious man in chains.

It hasn't been that long since last fall's release of Gears of War 3, which seemed to be the last in a trilogy of games from developer Epic, but the game sold incredibly well and Microsoft really doesn't have anything coming out that isn't Halo 4, so it makes sense that they would use E3 to launch a new game in the Gears universe. It's just a little unfortunate that it couldn't be a surprise.

You can view the shrouded cover below (click to enlarge), and check back here on Monday for more details on the game and the rest of Microsoft's press conference.