Hands-On (Literally) with Playstation Move Game Datura

While no one is going to judge you if you were one of the people who got a Playstation Move when it was first released, the simple truth is that there has been a lack of solid titled released for Sony's answer to the Wiimote. We were promised cool titles like Sorcery, we were promised a movement option for the "hardcore" gamers, and all we got in the end was more shovelware titles and limited move compatibility with existing games.

Sony is looking to fix that this year. Sorcery finally comes out later this spring, and you can add another intriguing title to that list, titled "Datura". After Journey stole our hearts last week with its ambitious, abstract gameplay, Datura will look to do the same, only with the Move controller.

We don't know much about the story of the game, or the purpose, but according to previews so far, you take control of the main character's hand, using one-to-one movements to interact with your environment. You're given a set of choices, and what you choose will lead you to some weird consequences. In a video detailed below, a demo takes you into a forest, then into some sort of icy clearing, where you must choose whether you want to get a trophy stuck under the ice, or help someone who seems to be stuck. You choose the man stuck in the water, but when you pick away you fall in and lose consciousness. This dichotomy in your choices is stressed throughout the game, but these choices are meant to be ambivalent and hard to decipher as you make them.

It seems like a really odd experience, but one that takes advantage of what the Move is capable of to give you interesting options. The closest comparison I can come to is something like Myst, but Datura definitely strikes me as unique, as you'll see in the video below.

It's a little hard to tell from the video, but the graphics seem rich and detailed, the music is ambient and odd, and the controls seem to work well (you can also use the dual shock if you don't have a move). It remains to be seen whether Datura can finally give us a reason to buy a move controller, but it's definitely different than anything we've seen tried with motion controls, and that floating hand is definitely freaky.

Datura will be available later this year on the Playstation Network, from developer Plastic Studios. For more about the game as well as an interview with its creative director (who has to be an odd man), head over to the Playstation Blog.

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Tylerr Rietze's picture

Datura looks AWESOME. I actually LOVED playing Killzone 3 and the new Socom game with the Move and the Sharpshooter attachment. It was a load of fun, and more accurate than using an analog stick. The new Bioshock game will be Move compatible, and thankfully, Sony let the company making Sorcery have time to work with the game, since it went from being really childish looking, to making it look a lot cartoony, and be more like a regular RPG. I may have not seen many Move games, the experiences I've had with them have been MUCH better than with the Wii or my limited time with Kinect. It's just nice having motion controls that read properly.

George Prax's picture

I don't have a move so I'm wondering how it will play with the dual shock personally.