NetWatch: Kenny Powers Runs K-Swiss

All you advertising types trying to figure out how to come up with awesome new advertising campaigns need to watch this, now:

You're fucking out. Kenny Powers is fucking in.

Best ad campaign since the Old Spice guy? Possibly.

Awesome, regardless? Definitely.

That's how you market products. You hire Danny McBride, has huge sports stars make cameos as well as Michael Bay and Mark Cuban, and you make it hilarious and badass. I kind of want to buy tubes right now.

And if you don't know what's going on in any of this, go to your local video store, or whatever, and pick up "EastBound & Down" seasons 1 and 2. You can thank me later. The show is about a washed up baseball star, Kenny Powers (played by the amazing Danny McBride), trying to crawl his way back into the majors while dealing with the fact that he has to live a normal life and can't just buy or handpick whatever he wants anymore, something he doesn't seem to be able to come to terms with. Produced by Will Ferrell (who guest starred in season 1) and Adam McKay, season 3 has been confirmed in production and it will be the show's last, with Jason Sudeikis joining the cast.

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demez's picture

I really hope you were talking about the Terry Crews Old Spice commercials and not the douche on the horse. But yes, Kenny Powers is fucking in. Wonder how much this commercial cost.