NetWatch: Don Draper Pitches New Facebook Timeline

At the risk of sounding redundant, the new planned changes to Facebook are terrible. We give Mark Zuckerberg credit for trying, and... well, no we don't.

But this is Better With Popcorn, not, so that's besides the point. Facebook is changes again, and despite all the complaining, we'll likely end up dealing with it while threatening to leave for Google+ for the tenth time this quarter.

What we do like, however, is the mashup below thanks to Viddler user eleist:

The clip is from the season 1 finale of "Mad Men", where Don Draper (Jon Hamm) pitches the Kodak Caroussel, a feature that upon further look, does seem to be a little reminiscent of the new Facebook timeline. We still hate the new Facebook, but Don Draper makes us hate it a little less.

Here's a picture of what Don Draper's facebook would look like, even if it might make him a little sad: