NetWatch: Don Cheadle is Captain Planet

Funny or Die tends to satisfy our Internet comedy cravings at least once a week. Their uncanny ability to get big-name Hollywood actors to demean themselves for the sake of ridiculous comedy is unmatched.

Well, it seems like they've done it again, this time thanks to Academy Award nominated actor Don Cheadle. Lately, I've seen a lot of people on the web clamoring for a movie based around our favorite childhood superhero, Captain Planet. Well, I'm not sure whether the following video reinforces the viability of a potential film, or completely ruins it.

I'm pretty sure it does something, though:

As you can tell, that video was pretty epic. From the mild retardation of heart, to the pointless diversity of the rest of the Planeteers, the video pretty much has everything down pat perfectly. Even Community's Gillian Jacobs makes an appearance (and Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite!), for reasons I've yet to comprehend. But the heart of it all is in Cheadle's performance. And hey, so many years after Captain Planet originally aired, the character's anger is probably justifiable.

Anyway, after watching that, I'm pretty much done for the evening. So enjoy.