Brooklyn Nine-Nine S01E21 Recap: "Unsolvable"

This week on Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Babylon has fallen, Amy’s enthusiasm screws up her teeth and Jake solves an unsolvable case.
This week’s episode Unsolvable started off to a great start and managed to keep the ball rolling the whole time. Success!

The episode starts off as Captain Holt walks in with a bandage around his wrist. After telling everyone he tripped, he privately tells Jake that he in fact injured himself hula-hooping. Upon seeing the photographic evidence, Jake asks why the Captain is only telling him. The Captain coolly deletes the photos with a single click on his phone and utters, “Because no one will ever believe you.” And then he slowly walks away and all I can say is…

FREAKING PERFECTION! My roommate and I just looked at each other, mouth agape. Is Captain Holt Keyser Soze? Is there a more accurate reference for that epic long-game he just played? Some other Kevin Spacey character- John Doe from Se7en perhaps? This might actually be the best moment of the episode, nay the season. But hey, I ain’t complainin’. Is that joke what won them the Emmy? Critics probably get screeners of the full season before it airs, right? But I digress…

When Jake hears that Amy is going away for the weekend with her new (old) boyfriend, he decides instead of taking a break he is going to solve a case that was previously deemed ‘unsolvable’. Jake convinces Sergeant Jeffords to revisit a cold murder case from 8 years ago but following up on leads proves to be very tricky considering that the victim’s apartment building was torn down and the related felons had gotten old. But despite the impossible circumstances Jake manages to solve the case even with a few wrenches and twists thrown in.

This was a refreshing case because unlike most of the idiots the detectives shut down, this criminal was surprisingly clever- he got away with his crime for 8 years. I also like that despite the fact that he was solving the case for the wrong reasons (to impress Amy), Jake didn’t screw anything up yet again. Not that he wasn’t a buffoonm just that his buffoonery didn’t significantly impede his job. As the old saying goes: variety is the spice of Network TV.

In the mean time Diaz shares the location of her and Gina’s secret bathroom with Doyle so he can call his fiancée in private. When Hitchcock and Scully catch wind of this, the minds that won them a spot on a detective squad show themselves. The objective: discovering the location of a private bathroom nicknamed “Babylon”.

Though Hitchcock and Scully may be lousy at their jobs they are still capable of doing detective work. This gets me to thinking maybe they’re not so much “bad at their jobs” but rather they just don’t care to do well. The revelation of their genuine smarts contrasted with their intense apathy towards their job gave me new respect for Scully and Hitchcock. I’m sure that’s the kind of employee I’ll be near retirement age.

Oh, and Amy gets caught in a lie that she told to the Captain about a so called dental emergency. It’s kind of a weak sub-plot but it was nice to see the brown-noser betray her idol. Though she’s not likely to do it again, Amy is a little more human to me now— I wouldn’t go so far as to say “likeable” but not nearly as detestable.

While the squad celebrates Jake’s solve of the “Unsolvable” case, Jake has a sad when Amy doesn’t pay him the attention he wanted. The sad leads to Jake finding an unlikely confidant in the Sarge and divulging his feelings for Amy. Sorry Amy didn’t drop her boyfriend Jake, but your amazing hunches are old news. She’s worked with you for years, your incredible solves don’t impress her anymore. You might wanna try sharing your feelings, but I’m sure someone will convince you of that in the season finale.

Notes & Quotes
• Scully throwing thumb tacks as confetti. I totally relate to that, I’m always doing weird dangerous things when I get excited.
• Super impressed at the way everyone said case 52abx-32qj like it was nothing. And that they could remember the details of the case. And that they didn’t have some clever nickname for it- as I’m sure a lot of police stations don’t have clever names for all their cases.
• Fun fact: Chelsea Peretti had declared the wolf to be her spirit animal a while ago. Not sure if that’s still the case but I feel like she might actually own that blanket. Just sayin’.
• Jake starting to rap the title track for his debut Hip Hop Album Beatdown Boulevard was a treat.
• “Lie detector truth of dare!” “No Boyle, last time we did that you ended up telling everyone you had a crush on the teapot from Beauty and the Beast.” MRS. POTTS. I totally get it Boyle, I had a huge crush on the animated fox Robin Hood. At least your crush doesn’t suggest towards beastiality.
• After admitting to Holt she lied about her dental emergency, the dentist reveals that Amy has 7 cavities and Holt says: “I have to say, I feel like you deserve this.”
• “Now I’m telling my friend about how you killed that guy.” “It was for love.” “Cool motive, still murder.”
• So glad that Jake started singing “What a Man” after swearing he’d never dance to that. People that think they’re too cool for things are the worst.

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