Brooklyn Nine-Nine S01E20 Recap: "Fancy Brugdom"

This week on Brooklyn Nine Nine- Jake’s a best man, a team diet and Diaz yells at another cop.
Boyle asks Jake to be his best man in a way that only Boyle would- bow tie in a pint of beer. Cute but also the thought of wet fabric in my mouth makes me think of being gagged so… hot.

Anywho, Jake turns out to be the most supportive and gracious best man- hardly any jokes at Boyle’s expense, went along to all the wedding planning errands (like any good Maid of Honour would), and letting Boyle’s taste reign only sharing his honest opinion about his choice in suit. I really thought this was going to be a plot device that would make Santiago fall but she was busy not eating then binging on junk to notice.

Her, Gina and the Sarge agreed to go on a shitty fast/diet so as to ‘be healthier’ Gina fell prey to a mac’n’cheese pizza sub, and after losing her shit over a lost almond, Santiago is found after inhaling 3 burgers. The Sarge, who started the diet with his wife, is about to fold too but Amy and Gina save him from the temptation of an extra thick milkshake. I like the fact that they were taking shots at weird fad diets but again this really felt like a throw away storyline compared to everything else that was going on.

Like after yelling at a lower-level cop for mislabeling evidence, Holt asks Diaz to apologize because that’s what leaders do. AWWWW. So she does and she grows and peoples lives were changed! Not as funny as the diet thing so was it worth it? Who knows.

Meanwhile, Boyle is ready to quit his job and move to the desolate cultural wasteland of suburban Ottawa for Vivian’s career before Jake makes him realize that that he’ll be miserable there. After chickening out multiple times and throwing Jake under the bus for bringing it up, Boyle gathers his courage and expresses his opinions of disgusting suburban Ottawa.

Crazy thing, I just realized that Jakes incompetence wasn’t the central plot of this episode. WOW inform the media! Jake Peralta is capable of more than buffoonery! Not only can he be not-a-fuck-up but he he’s even capable of being a good and decent person. A great, supportive friend that helps you grow! Hold your horses Jake, a good an decent person does not make for a good TV show unless you’re Leslie Knope.

So this episode was two parts growth, one part why? I guess the growth outweighs the pointlessness. Small victory.

Notes & Quotes
• When Boyle asks Jake to be his best man with the bow-tie in beer. “Yes yes a thousand times yes.” So bromantic.
• “Hello my big beautiful BM!” (Best Man) Plus the added bonus of seeing Jake in nurse shoes.
• Diaz saying “I’m a very sweet person.” is funny on its own. No need to lunge at Hitchcock to illustrate the irony.
• Boyle in a man thong plus the comment “Its my something borrowed.” Amazingly disgusting.
• Scully being in a coma and being excited about all his mail is so me. I love a good pile of mail.
• Aren’t all the universities in Ottawa proper? No one NEEDS to live in the suburbs right?
• Red Wedding reference. Solid.
• Fart jokes ☹
• Amy saying Terry perfect shape and Gina creepily saying “AMEN”.

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