Brooklyn Nine-Nine S01E19 Recap: "Tactical Village"

This week on Brooklyn Nine-Nine; game app addiction, Jake’s jealous and police paintballing.

This week, the squad has to go through training exercises that in which they play with cool new guns and gadgets, and act-out a real-life video-game shootout. Peralta is desperate to win coolest kill until Santiago’s love interest beats a course record. Though Jake can’t admit it, he is dying to get-up on a girl he insists he thinks of as a sister.

Why do people always to that? Insist they think of someone as family because they’re too scared to admit they like them. It not only makes them a hypocrite when they make a move, but a gross incestuous hypocrite.

Anyway, Jake even drops the character he wanted to play so that Santiago would take him seriously. Which is sweet in a misguided way, as demonstrated by the fact that she remembers his character’s backstory better than he does. Also, being serious is overrated if it looks like the guy Santiago likes. He’s so boring,- quizzing her on police code the whole time. They’re actually quite alike, not in the compatible way but in the ‘you’re both too boring to be with another boring person’ kind of way.

If going to sound like a Mom from an after school special for a second here, but Jake was trying to be someone else and lost what was special about him in the process. (Vomits on keyboard).

In the end Santiago end up going on a couple dates with what’s-his-face… Teddy. She went out with him because, as Boyle not so surprisingly pointed out, ‘he asked’ whereas Jake couldn’t muster up the courage after taunting her so much.

In the B slot- Captain Holt gets addicted to an iPhone game that is Candy Crush in everything but the name. When Gina described seeing the games icons when she closed her eyes at night, I had a flashback to my not so distant Candy Crush addiction. (As in not at all distant, I still play it constantly.)

The Captain is cured instantly when he discovers that Hitchcock plays the game and is as advanced as he is. This is a bit elitist but not surprising- Captain Holt isn’t exactly Joe the Plumber. And Scully and Hitchcock are clearly the Barry of the Nine-Nine. (That was a Parks & Rec reference. Naming the source of the reference really zaps it of it’s magic, doesn’t it.)

But I did appreciate the Gina stopped him before he could try to lay some intellectual babble over why he played the game. Because sometimes fun dumb things are just fun.

Also Rosa was pissed at Boyle for not inviting her to his wedding. He blamed it on his fiancée being uncomfortable with his past feelings for Rosa, but turns out she doesn’t know about his feelings. And I guess they’re not in the past.

Loving the character development guys. Keep it up and you might just have something here.

Notes & Quotes

• The STD joke was DOA until Hitchcock saved it by actually having an STD. Because that is exactly how people react when the joke gets too real.
• Horticulture and Mountain are definitely sexy words, well they could be in the right context. Nothing is sexy out of context.
• I love how weird Rosa is becoming. Her laugh and interaction with Vivian were highlights of the episode.
• When Rosa said the thing about the shape of a man’s ass being more important than listening- I died. Rosa and I are butt-buddies. Team Rosa!
• Charles insinuating voice being too high, followed up by an excellent Meryl Streep burn.
• “Stand next to me and say ‘Yes Sarge’.” “Ok Sarge.” “Come on man.”
• Upside down guns was the perfect blend of comedy and action. I feel like I’ve never seen that maneuver because it does in deed look silly. Enter: Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
• “It almost makes me wanna take things seriously all the time. But then I’m like boobs, fart, boobs, whatever.”

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