Brooklyn Nine-Nine S01E14 Recap: "Ebony Falcon"

This week on Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Terry goes undercover, Tina was robbed and Jake gets emotional.

Terry goes undercover at a gym so as to learn more about a steroid ring operation running through a gym. Because their mark Brendan Jacobi will only interact with muscle-heads and trainers, Peralta and Boyle have asked Sargent Jeffords to pose as a trainer to learn more about him. However upon seeing Terry being so sickly sweet with his daughters, Jake's instinct to protect Jefford's family makes him act a little crazy, as he's wanton to do.

Anything with Terry Crews had been a slam dunk until now, but the doting father thing felt tired by this point. If he had intreated more with his girls it may have felt more genuine but the way it unfolded felt forced. I'm thinking of Jude Law in The Holiday- you might think the movie is shit but the fact that he had inside jokes with his girls and he remarked on their personalities made them feel, I don't know, nearly 3 dimensional.

In the mean time, Santiago and Perez have been recruited by the Captain to investigate the burglary of Gina's apartment. At first her zeal for justice where none was to be found seemed to be just more of the same Gina: she asks Captain Holt to contact the FBI or the CIA, she wonders whether she should move or buy a gun and when Santiago and Perez are unable to make any headway, she files an official complain against them.

But Captain Holt, the persisting voice of reason, said what we were all thinking: maybe she was just really freaked out. As a past victim of theft, as I'm sure half of you are (look I'm guessing, I didn't look up the stats), I think a lot of us can relate to that feeling: completely vulnerable and confused. We take our civil order for granted and so when things don't go according to plan, we are completely unmoored.

Lovely that this show brought me there but the fact that Santiago and Perez installed more locks in Gina's apartment didn't really settle the issue. I know I've been whining for a bit more reality in Brooklyn Nine-Nine but now I'm like "Whoa pull back!" I don't want to dwell on past traumas, comedies are supposed to help me forget them. Or at least sitcoms like these, shows like Louie are a whole 'nother ball game. (Would we even call his show a comedy? It's like Girls, it feels out of place in the same category of shows like Parks and Recreation and Modern Family. Sorry sidetrack!)

So back to Peralta, he of course screws up the case again by being an impetuous child; this time blowing Terry's cover at the gym. This time it is Boyle to the rescue: his familiarity with the gym's schedule allows him to deduce when their main targets, Jacobi's associates in the drug ring, would arrive at the gym to meet Jacobi. And so Jake fucks up yet again without consequence and his incompetence as a police officer is thereby reinforced.

All in all the episode felt a little too sentimental: what with the concern for Jeffords kids' who are more like emotional props than people, and Gina's all too real devastation upon being emotionally violated by a thief with no real chance of justice. Nice effort but when you get real, an audience hopes a laugh to balance out the bleakness. And there weren't enough laughs to redeem this episode.

Notes & Quotes
-Jake's impression of Holt wasn't really worth the effort.
-Doyle is just so damn charming: childlike enthusiasm for everything (high fives for Jake's insults of him) while also being so very smart (his cloud schedule cracked the case). He's just so damn cute!
-(In reference to Terry) "The ebony falcon: his feathers are muscles."
-Handmade Joseph Gordon-Levitt Nesting Dolls. Amazing. Someone took the time to make those and Gina bought them, on Etsy I assume. Where else does someone get something so specific? Or she made them herself; that's what I assumed because it's much creepier.
- "You've gotten a little tubby. It's like love handle-alert! Do you have a bone there somehow?"
-Eddie Pepitone was on screen for a whole 5 seconds!
-(re: the 'Ebony Falcon') "Takes bad guys to jail and bad girls to bed." "Hell ya he does! 'Cept now the Ebony Falcon is monogamous and too tired for sex so his only indulgence is fresh fruit yogurt parfaits!"
-That classic Terry Crews magic came out when interrogating Jacobi with the Crazy Eyes.
- "They invented a new weight class for me. You're looking at the undisputed Bubble-weight champion."

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