Brooklyn Nine-Nine S01E12 Recap: "The Pontiac Bandit"

This week on Brooklyn Nine-Nine: a Butt-cast, Craig Robinson and PUPPIES!

The squad welcomes Boyle back after throwing his butt in between a bullet and his beloved Diaz. However his lack of mobility proves to be a problem. While Peralta and Diaz are off trying to solve the case of the Pontiac Bandit, Santiago and Terry are forced to perform unspeakable acts to repay Boyle’s valorous sacrifice. Basically they got way intimate with Boyle’s downstairs area.

However the central story is the pursuit of the Pontiac Bandit. Diaz arrests Doug Judy (really? No jokes about that name? Didn’t call him Judge Judy once?) for identity theft but he claims to be able to help catch Peralta’s Pontiac Bandit.

Before meeting with the Pontiac Bandit’s associate, Peralta is given a criminal makeover with a fly all-white suit. Though he was going for the artist formerly known as Puff Daddy, Diaz rightly compared him to Boys II Men. Despite Peralta’s efforts to look ‘90’s hood’, the Pontiac Bandit’s associate insists on Judy meeting the Bandit alone. To convince Diaz of this course of action, Peralta double the stakes on a former bid of 1000 push-ups.

Diaz proved to be right in not trusting Judy, as he was in fact the Pontiac Bandit himself and managed to escape. And thus the game is afoot, Diaz agrees to team up with Peralta in tracking down Judy. But the work can’t commence until Peralta has paid his 2000 push-up debt.

Do you think the writers of Brooklyn Nine-Nine are reading my reviews? Nahhh I know the series was written before I got into the nitty gritty of my criticism. Still it’s quite the coincidence that I complained about not having a multi-episode arch attached to a villain that could outsmart Peralta and then this is the first episode back. Or maybe it’s just the natural progression of any cop show. Ya I know it’s definitely the latter. It still is pretty cool.

And they couldn’t have chosen a better performer to play Jake’s arch-nemesis: I love Craig Robinson. Formerly Darrel from the Office, Robinson’s racked up his share of credits including Hot Tub Time Machine and This Is The End. And to top it off Doug Judy is a great character! Though Judy’s scheme is a bit foolhardy upon reflection, he knew exactly how to play Jake against himself. He already knew of Jake’s obsession with catching the Pontiac Bandit, and Judy dangled that carrot at the end of a string. He easily misled Jake and convinced him to provide ideal circumstances for his escape.

You know it doesn’t speak well of a show if I’m this excited about a not particularly brilliant conman. But by demonstrating that Jake Peralta can be bested, this episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the best I’ve seen so far.

Notes & Quotes:
• After spilling hot coffee down his cast, Gina pours milk on Boyle to relieve the burn. The rest of he squad groans when they see it come out the bottom of the cast but worse think of the smell of putrid milk upon the removal of the cast. Heinous.
• [Holt after Boyle runs over his foot with his scooter] “Ouch. He ran over my foot. I am in incredible pain.” All with the trademarked Andre Braugher monotone.
• Andre Braugher holding puppies is already a meme. Oh Internet, I love ya.
• “He’s been so good to… the whites.”
• Diaz: Why not tell her you’re an astronaut?
Judy: ‘Cause space is scary. You saw what it did to Sandy Bullock.
• “That’s the hoof. That’s the best part of the stew! Oh man! Think of it as marrow nugget wrapped in a thick toenail.”
• You know some of that Fivel Goes West stuff was improvised. And man was it good. “POPPA!”
• This may seem minor but Brooklyn right after Christmas should be freezing. Hoodies would not cut it. We know you film the show in L.A. but come on.

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George Prax's picture

A show really knows its audience when an entire subplot revolves around Andre Braugher deadpanning while holding puppies. That was incredible. I died at the line after Boyle ran over his foot.

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a string. He easily misled Jake and convinced him to provide ideal circumstances for his escape.enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I will be subscribing on your rss feed and I am hoping you write again soon!

Dolly's picture

“That’s the hoof. That’s the best part of the stew! Oh man! Think of it as marrow nugget wrapped in a thick toenail.”This design is spectacular! You certainly know how to keep a reader entertained.