Brooklyn Nine-Nine S01E10 Recap: "Thanksgiving"

This week on Brooklyn Nine Nine: Take-Out Thanksgiving, Santiago’s quest to make Holt her mentor, and Holt plays along with one of Peralta's bits.

It’s Thanksgiving at the Nine-Nine and the squad quickly gets in the spirit with some Boyle Thanksgiving Bingo: where players fill out Bingo cards with Boyle clichés. The fact that Peralta won affirms that though he belittles Boyle at times, he knows Boyle better than anyone in the way that say a best friend might.

Santiago hosts Thanksgiving dinner and uses the “What I’m thankful for…” section of the program as a ruse to praise Holt and ask him to be her mentor. I like that the writers used a real problem with the show as a plot point. Santiago has also noticed how much of Holt’s attention is going to Peralta, and is longing for a piece of that sweet sweet guidance. Most of the plot is actually propelled by her desire for Holt’s attention, which is a nice alternative to the Jake Peralta Hour. Of course Jake is still the center of attention, but Santiago’s deference to Holt and horrible cooking are the main motivators for the rest of the gang.

But of course the crime plot is still Jake-centric, he’s the star you guys. He again solves the crime with such circumstantial evidence as someone happened to be left-handed and owned a grey hoodie like the perp. And of course his need to avoid spoiling the football game proves a hindrance to doing his job. The man-child thing is kinda boring but essential I suppose. However, the fact that it continually gets in the way of his role as police officer is starting to annoy me. Jake: it’s not cute. Stop it. Just stop.

It was really fun to see Holt go along with Jake’s but about being two different cops with dramatic backstories. He’s so serious and monotone all the time, it was nice to see him loosen up and get silly. The fact that he decided to loosen up while in the midst of investigating a case, is a little to Jakey for my liking. I guess I’m a stickler for procedure- I’m such a Santiago.

The episode ends with Jake first denying then regurgitating what Holt said about making a new family because his shitty old one made him hate Thanksgiving. How ‘bout adding a little Thanksgiving-style Grinch nickname just to lighten that plot? Seeing as how Thanksgiving was founded by the communion of Pilgrims and Aboriginals, the ruiner of these sentiments would be the… Historians? You hate Thanksgiving, what a Historian. That needs work.

Notes & Quotes
• Terry being hangry (hungry & angry) was the best running gag of the episode. “No waiting just toasting, I want you to toast now I want to eat toast, GIVE ME SOME TOAST!” Sorry Boyle Bingo.
• Is Gina’s annoying schtick starting to get old? Her dialogue wasn’t stellar.
• “Happy Thanksgiving. Your apartment was very easy to locate.” “Thank you so much. You look beautiful.” Weirdest conversation is right Peralta. But weird in the best possible way.

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