Brooklyn Nine-Nine S01E09 Recap: "Sal's Pizza"

This week on Brooklyn Nine-Nine: fire in a Pizzeria (and not the kind that makes pizza), Patton Oswalt and the return of Gina.

When Peralta tries to investigate the fire that burnt down his favourite pizzeria, he comes up against an old foe- Fire Marshal Boone (Patton Oswalt). Despite Boone’s insistence that Sal burnt down his own restaurant, Peralta knows of Boone’s incompetence and continues to investigate outside his jurisdiction. This illicit investigation culminates with Jake breaking in to the crime scene and a brawl between Boone and Jake that is taken up by every cop and fireman in the area. When Peralta reveals his love for Sal’s is connected to his father’s abandonment of his family, Boone relates (hysterically) and decides to work with Jake.

Jake solves the crime and saves the day. It was all about the sauce, which you would have never guessed save the fact that Jake would not stop talking about it. This is a Spongebob Squarepants plot: Plankton steals the recipe for Crabby Patties. But Nickolodean did it so much better. If a whole episode is going to be devoted to corporate espionage, you need a hilariously exaggerated villain like Plankton to ensnare the audience.

Personally, I think it would have been more interesting if Sal had burned down his own restaurant. Peralta had no reason to believe in Sal. He was biased towards loving the pizzeria because it was the setting for fond childhood memories. If anything his sentimental bias should have blinded him to the truth. I say destroy your idols! Shatter your illusions! I would have loved to see them make Peralta’s heartbreak funny.

Quick question: am I a sadist?

I am a fan-girl for Patton Oswalt. I love when he plays self-important idiots (like the nerdy Star Wars filibuster in Parks & Rec: genius). His dumb childish characters also suit his overgrown baby body so well. He is perfect to play the man-child what with his perfect whine and his stretched out toddler body. These physical traits that would normally be off-putting are perfect for him as a character actor.

Though I was VERY EXCITED to see Gina again, her storyline bored me. Her ‘wacky’ interview behavior was obviously part of a bigger plan. And hiring the hacker to work for you, isn’t that a plot I’ve seen before? Oh yes in Criminal Minds, Suits, Veronica Mars

Also Santiago gets jealous that Diaz was offered the job of captain in a small New Jersey town. After visiting the town to see how boring it is, they make a promise out of sisterhood to watch each other’s back.

To say this episode was underwhelming doesn’t quite cover. This episode is as boring as the town of Ropesberg, New Jersey. This episode will make you sleep like a Patton Oswalt man-baby. Sorry- now I’m just roasting the show but those jokes may be the best thing that came of that episode. OOOOOOOH! BOOOYA! Nailed it.

Notes & Quotes
• “Detective Diaz. […] We bought the deputies bullets like you suggested.”
• Magic-Themed Singles-Night may be the saddest Google search of all time.
• “It was like taking candy from a baby.” Terry: “Why are you giving candy to a baby in the first place? Don’t give candy to a baby! They can’t brush their teeth!”
• Gina cutting her own hair was so good. Short and sweet.
• Discussing who else could be Captain in Ropesberg: “Like Scully because he has so many years on the force.” Scully: “Hey guys, I think I put my gun in one of these boxes and I don’t know which.” […] “Found my gun. It was in my holster. My holsters on my butt.”
• Boone crying hysterically. Little bit of the Patton perfection.

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George Prax's picture

I wouldn't go as far as to call this boring, I still laugh everyy week although I admit this wasn't the strongest episode. The ending was a little weak/lazy. I love Patton Oswalt though. I wish they spent more time on that big fight in front of the restaurant. If they put more into that it could have reached Anchorman levels of ridiculousness.