Ridley Scott Reportedly On Board For Blade Runner: Part 2


Let me start off by saying that Blade Runner (Although, I do not care for the theatrical cut) is my favorite movie, hands down.

Earlier this year, there were rumored of a Blade Runner remake or a prequel that was not going to be in Ridley Scott's hands. For some, this was a nightmare. You'll hear me complain more and more about leaving movies alone, and being against remakes (sometimes). But my biggest gripe is the endless debate and mystery that the movie leaves for the viewers. I enjoy that. I love drawing my own conclusions and keeping my eyes peeled for little hints in movies.

But all of this changed today. The latest news on the sci-fi/film noir flick is that Ridley Scott will be directing and producing the film with Alcon Entertainment having bought the rights to the property. Scott and the film makers are still hunting for a screenwriter.

The big question that remains: will Harrison Ford be staring in the picture? That has yet to be decided. One would assume that he won't be, after all the disagreements Ford had with Scott during and post production on the original 1982 film.

Prequel or sequel?

We don't really have any details on what the new film will be about, and whether or not it will be a prequel or a sequel to the original film. To be honest, if I had to choose, I'd like a prequel, but again, it could still spoil some serious mystery that the film thrives on.

The new Blade Runner project will be the second time Ridley Scott has revisited one of his classic films, with 'Prometheus', a prequel to 'Alien' currently in the works.

Either way, it'll be curious to see where the film will end up, or frankly if it will even happen at all. This is clearly some big news for the fan-boys. BWP will be keeping a close watch on this one.

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George Prax's picture

Good news. I like how Scott is going back to fix his broken franchises lol. Prometheus is looking great so far. I doubt Ford will be in it though unless it's in a small role. He looked like he was on his last mile in Cowboys & Aliens.

Caleb Pass's picture

Haha, I love how he's doing that too. Perfectionist at work, I guess? Kudos to him. Yea, Prometheus is looking cool so far. Also, like you said, Ford is looking...it's caught up with him. Poor guy, haha.

George Prax's picture

Well the guy's like over 70 now, no? Most people would look old by then lol. I guess it's just weird to see because literally 2 or 3 generations grew up knowing him as an action star. It's just a matter of knowing when to quit like Sean Connery, or at least be more selective with your roles like Jack Nicholson.