Dexter S07E11 Recap: Do You See What I See?

Last week's episode of Dexter really seemed to set us up for this week (and next week too). Each episode this season, Dexter has added one more ball to his juggling routine, so we have all been waiting potentially to see how this cookie will crumble. Enough analogies for now, let's talk about tonight.

Oh boy, Hector Estrada. That last guy Dexter wants to get his hands on. Estrada is up for parole and while Hannah calls it his Christmas present for Dexter, it's actually bait for Dexter (or whoever might be the Bay Harbor Butcher) because LaGuerta pulled the strings for that one in hopes to catch who it might be.

Dexter meets with Matthews to "talk" and the retired cop wastes no time in throwing some questions at Dexter, eventually coming out and saying that LaGuerta thinks it's him behind the murders. Dexter realizes this is an interrogation, so he's able to steer evidence in his favor while planting some false stories about Doakes. Meaning, he has some work to do.

Deb goes to visit Arlene, to ask her about Hannah, and tells her that she's there to keep her out of prison since she's an accessory to murder. She shows Arlene a photo and explains that she's here to get Hannah McKay and needs to know the entire story of them living together. Arlene isn't playing nice though, she's playing stupid. She tells Deb she'll think about "talking"

Dexter and Deb meet up while Harrison gets his photo with Santa. Dexter updates Deb about his meeting with Matthews and how close LaGuerta is on his tail. Naturally, she's freaking out, but Dexter tells her he's going to handle it. Cause that usually goes over well.

Arlene meets up with Hannah and tells her what's going on with Debra Morgan. Hannah is pretty sure that her nutso father ratted her out while Arlene reminds her that she cannot go to jail. Arlene tells her she'll figure it out and Hannah needs to stay tough. She texts Dexter for "HELP"

Help for what? For putting up her Christmas tree of course! Dexter mentions traditions and hopefully Hannah can join him and Deb for the holidays. She's not feeling too good about that, seeing as the two of them in a room together might not go over well.

Cue creepy music and we see Deb spying on some house from her car. While she throws back some pills and water, we see LaGuerta come out of the house. Deb leaves her cars and goes to look around.

Oh boy, Quinn goes storming into the Foxhole, looking for his lost love from last week. One of the strippers greets Quinn and he asks where Nadia has been (she's ignored all of his calls as of late). The girl tells Quinn that she left a note for him, that she's moved to Vegas to start over. But she will all appreciate what he did for her. Aw.

Matthews is joining LaGuerta in her garage as they rummage through some things until they find a key with an address on it. Once they get to this mystery spot, they find a warehouse that is an absolute mess. Tom digs around and eventually finds some plastic wrap, bags, and then some. Once a forensic team comes in (I think this the first time this is a forensics team without Masuka and Dexter), they find some knives. One of them has Doakes' fingerprints on it. LaGuerta still doesn't buy it! She thinks it was all setup. Matthews lectures LaGuerta into letting this all go, even though she wants to clear Doakes' name. But too bad her for, he's done here. Phew!

Hannah pays Deb a visit and as we can imagine, doesn't go over too well. Hannah wants to find a common ground between them, because they both care about Dexter. However, they care about him in different ways; Deb warns Hannah that she's going to put her behind bars, because that how she cares about her stepbrother.

Dexter approaches Hector to tell him that he has a product to move to the Spanish Market. Hector is pretty suspicious about Dexter, asking him if he's a cop, but Dexter is able to convince him to look into his "business"

Bad news comes quick as Dexter gets news about Deb from Batista: she's been in a car accident. While Deb is fine, Batista tells Dexter that the doctors found a lot of anti-anxiety medicine in her system. He also tells him that Deb was looking into Hannah once again while this happened. Clearly, Deb tries to tell Dexter that she's been drugged by Hannah, but Dexter isn't too sure about that. Until he searches Deb's apartment and finds blonde strands of hair.

Dexter calls Hannah out on this and Hannah freaks. She tells him that he has trust issues and questions why she would do such a thing. They yell it out, but Hannah tells him that she still loves him and Dexter answers the same. She tells him that he needs to figure out what he wants.

Murder time! Dexter finds Hector and leads him into an empty storage unit. While he has him tied up and ready to go, Dexter reveals who he is and Hector puts everything together. But before Dexter can get to the good stuff, Hector blurts out about that "bitch" detective that got him on parole. LaGuerta. Before LaGuerta and another officer can find the correct storage unit, Dexter and Hector sneak out and attempt to get away. The two of them hide for a minute until Hector throws an elbow and frees himself, jumping into the water.

Forensics calls Dexter and tell him that the water Deb was drinking contained anti-anxiety medication. Hrm. Knowing that Hannah was behind Deb's crash, he gives Deb a Christmas present: a pen that has Hannah's prints on it... the one that killed Sal Price. Deb knows that this is hard for Dexter and is even surprised that he decided on this route, but he tells her that Deb isn't safe while Hannah is free.

Dexter surprised Hannah with a visit and she's excited to see that he's come by! She thinks he's made up his mind about what he wants, so she greets him with a smooch. But the magic is gone. Suddenly, the police shows up and Deb announces that Hannah is under arrest. "You should have killed me", she says. Yeah, you're probably right.

The Report!

It's safe to say that tonight, Debra was the biggest winner and Hannah was the biggest loser. LaGuerta is still annoying.

Seriously, Debra has gone through a warzone of emotions and coming to terms with how she feels about a lot of things. After tonight, it's safe to say that Deb now practices "the code" stronger than Dexter himself. After all the lying, stealing and cheating for Dexter, her moral compass went crazy. Anyone who watches the show knows that Deb is all about morals, so having to protect her brother from the law is asking a lot. So much, that she needed to take anti-anxiety pills. But the best way, for her, to clear all of that up is to track down and throw Hannah away.

After the forensics report, some of you still might be questioning what went down. Did Hannah really try to kill Deb, or did Deb plan the whole thing? I mean, she did say she would do "whatever it takes" to get her behind bars. Did Deb plant evidence the same way Dexter planned evidence to throw off Mathews/LaGuerta? With Hannah behind bars now, what will she have to say about Dexter?

Speaking of that, Hector Astrad was able to get away and LaGuerta got pretty damn close to catching Dexter. Another slip up by Dexter (or, Dicky Moser) that could play another part in putting him behind bars.

Ugh, more talk about Batista's restaurant. But really, it's an excuse to show how much he's become disgusted with Miami Metro. Funny enough, he's the most normal guy at the department, and he's called it quits. Cheers to you, Batista.

Quinn's storyline seemed to fall pretty flat. Nadia runs off to Vegas and after Quinn finds out about it, he waves it off. Eh, what can you do?

One episode left and the big question is: Will Dexter get caught? I'm willing to bet he will be. There is too much evidence floating around that can be used against him now. Plus I saw the preview for next week.

Still some loose ends, but a lot happened tonight. Next week should be intense. What did you guys think?

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You_sir_name's picture

What was with the "Surprise Mother F*r" in the preview. If doakes really wasn't dead that would BLOW MY MIND. Though I think it was just to mess with us.

George Prax's picture

I think they were just looking back at some of his previous kills and storylines, they flashed back to several things. Maybe just fan service since it's become a meme?

But ya, based on that preview looks like my prediction for the end of the season was right. Considering how fast moving this season has been I'm anxious to see how it actually ends. There have been some bad episodes but overall it's been a surprisingly good season.

Caleb Pass's picture

Hahaha, yeah that clip was from an earlier episode from an earlier season. Hopefully they use it again for whatever reason.

Like you said though, it looks like he's gonna end up in shackles by next week. There were a few bumps here and there this season, but definitely a good one.

George Prax's picture

He's really just throwing Dex a birthday party:

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