Dexter S07E03 Recap: Buck The System

Tonight on Dexter, Buck The System starts out pretty strong when Dexter fantasizes stabbing Masuka in the neck with his pen because the guy won't shut the hell up. However, Dexter's pent up frustration on Deb keeping a close eye on him busts loose when a suspect refuses a DNA sample and Dex throws him in a stranglehold.

Deb takes him outside to have a talk and realizes that her trying to help Dexter is getting a little too intense, so she agrees to give him a little more space for now. He jumps at this opportunity and pulls up a file on a serial killer by the name of Ray Speltzer. He's convinced this guy will kill again and needs Deb to give him the green light.

Yeah, Quinn is still talking to that bimbo from the strip club, but some romance between the two is starting to hash out this episode. Remember, she still works for the evil Ukrainian mob. We also learn that Viktor was wearing some bracelet that keeps tabs on your whereabouts, so Isaak wants this lady to get close to Quinn anyway. Then again, they're mixing business and pleasure. Someone is gonna lose an eye, because this Isaak dude does not mess around. At any rate, Isaak finds out the last spot where Viktor's bracelet was active so he goes to investigate.

Remember when Dexter was at the post office earlier in the episode? We figure out that he was setting up Louis by mailing that hand to Masuka, throwing Louis under the bus, and getting his ass fired. We're not done yet though, Louis comes home to Jamie watching that video Dexter found with him and some hooker getting hot n' heavy. Busted.

Deb meets Dexter at a bar while stalking Speltzer so he can explain his system to her and maybe convince her to let him kill this scumbag. He seems to get through to her, for a bit, but Deb can't understand how Dexter could be so sure about this guy. However later on, he tells Deb that the reason half the time they were able to nab any bad guys was because of his "lizard brain" (here we go, naming things again!). While she sees it to be true, it's a tough pill to swallow.

Dexter has to visit Wayne's girlfriend after Wayne's mom came by with a bunch of personal stuff of his during his kill spree. The visit is short, as Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski. Wayne's now ex-girlfriend. Hubba hubba) is being cold toward Batista and doesn't want to be bothered about whatever it is that Wayne had. In a scene where we rarely see this happen, Dexter seems to be nervous around Hannah as he attempts to take a cheek swab for DNA. A little bit of flirting between the two, but Dexter runs off after getting what he came for.

Meanwhile, Louis is taking his turn with revenge as he is about to drill a hole in Dexter's boat when Isaak shows up. Probably the worst timing ever if you ask me, but Isaak asks if this boat belongs to Louis. He tells him yes and Isaak demands to know why he killed Viktor, but Louis tries to backpedal on his story. He gives the 411 on Dex and Isaak agrees to let him go. Just kidding! He shoots him in the head and leaves. That was quick.

Quinn and Nadia are still getting closer with one another as she admits her lifelong dream of owning a dog-walking business (I hear these are pretty popular these days). Nadia is feeling guilty, playing with Quinn's emotions while under orders, so she comes clean with everything. Does that stop Quinn? Nope. He agrees to tell her any official police business. Keep digging that hole, Quinn.

Speltzer has moved onto his next target as Dexter gets some evidence that he's gonna kill again once he visits the Mausoleum where Speltzer works. At the same time, Deb needs to check on Speltzer's house now to see if he's home because she can't shake the idea of Dex's 'lizard brain' being on the right track. Unfortunately, cell phones don't get the best service in Mausoleums.

Once Deb gets to his place, she sees that Speltzer has gone to bed once the lights go out. But suddenly, strobe lights and industrial metal music kicks in which is enough for her to investigate.

While inside this house, we see the demented Speltzer in some leather Minotaur costume, chasing this girl around a house that he set up as some obstacle course/maze of barbed wire and trap doors (a bit of Mythology, I see). It's pretty unsettling. Deb gets inside but Speltzer pulls her into some room where he has the upper hand. But before he can deliver the kill shot, Dexter shows up in the nick of time and cracks a piece of wood over Spelzter's head. He saved Deb, but we can't say the same for the other girl. Plus, Speltzer gets away while the two are investigating the body.

The following day, Deb explains that she finally understands why Dexter does what he does. Things seem to look good in Dexter's corner, until she compares him to Speltzer; they both collect trophies (blood slides versus earrings). She tells him that he should move back to his place, so roommate time is over. Dexter tries to reassure Deb that nothing has changed, he's still her brother. To his surprise, she replies with the opposite: "Everything's changed, and I don't know if it can ever be the same."

The Report!

Funny how I mentioned last week about the entertainment I got out of the Louis subplot, only to have him killed this episode. I was hoping for him to really hit the deep end, but there's still room! Isaak left his body on Dexter's boat. I'm sure something will come of that. I loved how he got fired and dumped all in one day. Take that!

I did enjoy where the relationship between Dexter and Deb went tonight, how Dexter needed to convey his philosophy to Deb in order to stop Speltzer. It was interesting to see the roles switch between the two, then switch to another relationship at the end of the episode. Things won't be the same anymore? Is she just going to turn a blind eye now? I mean, she knows enough to get her own ass locked up, maybe she's going to try to not be involved.

I'm still iffy on the mob plot with Isaac, but again I can say that things are still panning out so it's best to wait until it's a little more heated until I really form an opinion. It's obvious that Isaac is going to close in on Dexter, now that he knows his name and where he works. I'd guess that next week is gonna have something go down where this plot will take the lead.

Quinn and the stripper. What else can I say? The guy makes crappy decision after crappy decision. But with the connections this girl has, Quinn's days might be numbered this season.

Lastly, we touched lightly on a potential love interest for Dexter and Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski). Not a whole lot to say right now because the scene was a few minutes long, but I'm really curious as to where this will take Dexter. For better or for worse? Will they pair up?

Again, a consistent episode! What did you guys think?

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George Prax's picture

I thought this was pretty good, probably an 8 for me but not as good as the other episodes this season.

Glad Lewis is gone, hated him.
Ray Stevenson is a great actor, I don't know where the mob plot is going but he's keeping it watchable.
Couldn't give a shit about Quinn.
Not enough Yvonne Strahovski.

The scene in the killer's house was creepy as fuck.

Caleb Pass's picture

Hahaha, I thought of you when Louis got off'd <3

Yeah, everything else was either pretty sweet or simply, okay. Seriously, that maze scene was fucking weird.

Tylerr Rietze's picture

I didn't think any of the Morgans would die in that maze, but it was still hard to guess exactly what would happen, which is always good TV. I've been watching the show the next day since it airs at like 11PM here for some reason, and I often pause and do some chores or something, but this week, I was glued to the screen, let's hope they keep it up.

George Prax's picture

I liked that the killer got away, that was a nice change. Although by the looks of next week's promo he'll be back fairly quickly.