Breaking Bad S05E06 Recap: Buyout

Last week, Breaking Bad was more about team work and a group acting as one. Tonight, it was nothing like that. It was about individual components.

In a sequence that was without dialogue, but full of heartbreak, we see team Breaking Bad doing their routine business: literally breaking down components of evidence and destroying it. No one has time to reflect (yet) on what just happened, so feelings are set aside as everyone cleans up Todd's mess.

After Jesse serves Todd a black eye, the team sits down to discuss what to do with him. Todd pleads with Jesse, Walter and Mike to let him stick around and stands by his decision to kill the young kid because he was under orders to leave no witnesses. After Todd gives his side of the story, the crew holds a vote as to what to do with him. Unfortunately for Jesse, he was outbid by Walter and Mike and they let Todd stay. However, Mike sets Todd straight about keeping his funny business down to a minimum.

Once the crew gets back to work, Jesse is having a difficult time putting the death of Drew Sharp (the kid) behind up. It's already getting in the way of producing the blue stuff, and if a documentary about caviar isn't gonna calm him down I don't know what will. Although, Water does come to the rescue for a moment, telling Jesse he can go home and relax while he finished the last batch. Before Jesse leaves, he can't help but notice that Walter is taking the death of a child a little too lightly.

Mike calls another meeting and informs Walt on some serious news: he's out. At first, Walt takes this news in stride and explains that he will have to bring Jesse up to speed on his side of the business. That is until; Jesse says he is also out.

After recent events and Mike already having to deal with DEA agents following him around the clock, the two of them decide to bail on the business and accept a buyout. Basically, sell all of the methylamine (for about five million dollars) from the heist and take their product off the market.

Jesse and Mike already find someone to buy the chemicals, but their product needs to go away. Forever. Walter won't sellout, though. After inviting Jesse over his house, Walter tells him about Gray Matter; the alleged billion dollar corporation that Walter co-founded and foolishly settled his share for a measly five grand. Finally, Walter lays on the finishing touch of his story, filling him in on what Skyler has been up to.

Whether Walt likes it or not, Mike is pushing ahead to sell the methylamine so he can leave this business. He even goes as far as tying Walt up at headquarters so he can seal the deal and finally accept the buyout.

At first, Walt doesn't fight back (probably because he knows Mike is packing heat), and let's Mike do this thing and tie him to a radiator. Once he leaves, Walt immediately begins to look around the room to find anything to free himself and stop Mike.

In yet another intense scene where someone is working against the clock, Walter frees himself by igniting a spark using two naked wires while it burns through the cable that is tied to the radiator. MacGyver, eat your heart out.

Finally, wrapping up the last few moments of Buyout , Mike returns to headquarters to find a freed Walter White and a hysteric Jesse, trying to explain that Mr. White has, yet again, another plan where everybody wins.

Lab Notes!

The opening sequence tonight was full of emotion. While I thoroughly enjoy that scene, you can see the looks on everyone's faces as they get to work. We've seen the boys meticulously take "evidence" apart and dispose of it, but this time, it's different. A different, darker, tone. No one is going to say anything because, well, what do you say in a situation like that? Plus, it's probably best not to say anything at all unless you're looking to get punched in the eye by Jesse Pinkman.

How about Todd keeping Drew's tarantula? I'm having a hard time getting a read on that guy. Perhaps Todd is as immature and inexperienced as a young boy, like Drew. Or he's just a psycho.

Since I've already mentioned my appreciation for the beginning of tonight's episode, the end was really something too. Walter's escape was extremely entertaining and well, badass. The shots of him gnawing through the wire like a rat, frantically putting his escape plan in place was a nice reward to watch I was watching in in-between...

Honestly, everything in between tonight was... okay. It wasn't bad, but it felt rushed. Don't get me wrong, everything flowed together and connected like they should have, but we left on such a gasp last week that this episode barely had a chance to catch its breath. Everything seemed to happen all at once and frankly, it made this a little difficult to review. Or maybe I'm losing my touch.

However, the dinner scene with Walt, Skyler and Jesse was hysterical. So much awkwardness as Jesse complimented Skyler's shopping as she took gulps of wine out of a glass that seemed as big as a fish bowl. Like eating a scab! I loved it.

Did anyone else feel sorry for Mike as he sat at that park with his granddaughter? I know the guy normally looks like Eeyore, but that scene struck me as such a "at least give me time with my granddaughter"-- His note to the DEA seemed to convey that. Censored and all.

Oh, great to see Saul again. Even if it was for a minute.

Wow, two episodes left this season. Feels like yesterday we were just talking about magnets. What did you guys think?

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George Prax's picture

I'm not really sure how you went all the way down to 6.5 for this after giving every other episode a 9 or 10 lol. I can understand why the episode would be a bit of a let down after last week, but it was bound to be slower. The train robbery was arguably the most intense thing the show has ever done and killing the kid one of the most extreme and emotionally wrenching scenes in a while. This week was sort of about the fallout but I thought they did a great job of showing how everyone dealt with it. Jesse couldn't deal with it, Mike decided it was about enough for him, and Todd and Walt didn't really seem to care.

Also the dinner scene and the one where Walt was planning his escape were masterful. I'm not here to judge your tastes or your methods of course but, wow, 6.5? Don't you think that's a little rough?

Caleb Pass's picture

Haha, I feel was feeling a little stingy as/after I watched the episode, so... yeah, I watched it again today and I would probably give it a higher score. Especially for breaking bad, the 6's are a bit too low, I don't know, I just wasn't feeling it I guess? A little too rushed for me and it seemed like everything was crammed into one episode so the stage could be set for the final two episodes =(

Also, I'm surprised you didn't reply with a Jesse gif. Haha.

George Prax's picture

I thought it was actually pretty slow paced compared to the rest of the season.

Also, ask and you shall receive:

Caleb Pass's picture

Hahaha, there it is. Also a friend of mine just suggested that Todd has his fingerprints all over that jar with the spider now. Made me think a little bit.

George Prax's picture

I was thinking about the spider jar, and Breaking Bad doesn't usually focus in on something like that without making it relevant down the line, but I have a hard time seeing how a simple jar with a spider could connect to anything. We'll see. Todd's crazy though.

George Prax's picture

Ready to get your mind blown? This is the song Walt was whistling:

Phil T's picture

Too much meta. Btw ep was an 8.5 for me... You're too harsh Caleb!

Caleb Pass's picture

George Prax wrote:
Ready to get your mind blown? This is the song Walt was whistling:

Whatttt the hell. Hahaha.

And I'm sorry, Phil! The blog has spoken.

Caleb Pass's picture

George Prax's picture

demez's picture

Episode was too slow paced? Aren't you the guy that reviews Mad Men lol, good thing you guys weren't around for The Wire if this was slow paced. Obviously the level of excitement was not as high as last week but then again this isn't an action movie, it can't be non stop go go go, has to be somewhat believable. I thought the episode was pretty good, I think last week just set the bar too high, this episode was more about just creating some buildup for how the first half of the season will end. I wouldn't have given the episode lower than an 8.

Caleb Pass's picture

Hahaha, I am the guy who reviews Mad Men, but I don't recall saying this episode was slow. I get what you mean, though.

George Prax's picture

Caleb Pass wrote:
Hahaha, I am the guy who reviews Mad Men, but I don't recall saying this episode was slow. I get what you mean, though.